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How to Clean an Awning? 4 Easy Steps [2023 Addition]


How to Clean an Awning?

Awnings are often made of vinyl, cloth or other breathable fabric that withstand weather and climate conditions. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure continued use for many years.

Your awning can be easily cleaned by yourself, and you don’t have to pay a professional to do it. It will just take some time and a bit of energy on your part.

4 Easy Steps to Clean your Awning

In this guide, I’ll show you how to clean your awning in no time.

Sand the Ropes Regularly

If the ropes of your awning are dirty, you should also clean them. Take some time and sand the ropes regularly to remove dirt and rust from them. This way, they will work perfectly for a longer period of time. Ensure that the ropes are completely dry before replacing them on their holders.

Apply Spray Cleaner Carefully

To clean the top part of your awning, you should use an aerosol spray cleaner. It is important to apply only small amounts to avoid damaging the fabric. After applying it, wipe off with soft materials so that no dirt or lose threads remain. If you notice any areas where the stains are very hard to remove, pour some warm water.

You Can Use Vinegar or Bleach for Stains

It is recommended to use vinegar or bleach to remove tough stains. Mix these solutions with warm water and apply them to the affected areas. Leave them to act for a couple of minutes before wiping off with clean materials. If you notice that the fabric has been discolored, rinse off with some warm water.

Finish With a Hose

To ensure no dust remains on the fabric, you should finish off by rinsing it with a hose. You can either use your garden hose or attach one to your faucet. When finished, shake the awning to remove dry dirt and replace it on its holders.

It’s as simple as that!

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your awning can keep it in good condition for many more years. If you find it hard to clean the fabric, check if the manufacturer has advised against using certain materials or tools near it.

Do you still need help to clean your awning?

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